Dana Energy amongst employers of choice

With the sanctions on Iran having been lifted since January 2016, dozens of multinational companies have already shown interest in doing business with Iran. As demand for professional workforces is likely to increase in the coming years, human resources experts are getting concerned about how to maintain their employees, which are considered as their most important asset.

In the oil and gas industry, the competition for hiring professionals has already begun as the sector has a huge potential for development in the post-sanctions era. Somayeh Yousefi, talent acquisition manager in Dana Energy, believes that employer branding is a must for companies’ talent acquisition strategy.

It is largely believed that if a company has an identity that is true, credible, relevant, distinctive and aspirational, it can be an employers of choice and attract and retain talents.

Yousefi said her company has already started working on its own employer brand. “Dana Energy is amongst the best companies in the oil industry of Iran. Our people can have a clear career path, which would enable them to secure long term employment in the field of their choice,” she said about her company’s advantage.

“All our employees are encouraged to have an individual development plan (IDP),” she said. “We help them develop the plan and advise them to learn what is required during their first few years of employment through different means,” she added.

“The employees can also build a talent network in Dana Energy which will be useful for their future needs,” she noted.

Dana Energy has provided a friendly careers page on its website with an online employment form, which takes visitors less than 10 minutes to fill in and apply for the vacancies

The company is also preparing a talent community program in order to create a database of all potential talents wishing to work in Dana Energy (including those experts who are not able to immediately join Dana Energy, alumni, students and so on) and interact with them regarding job openings and news of the company. According to Yousefi, a special page will soon be designated for this purpose on the company’s website, which will help her team have access to all talents across the globe, just in case to shorten the time of sourcing.


Somayeh Yousefi

Talent Acquisition Manager