Dana Energy develops HR shared services to improve efficiency

A few months after Dana Energy was restructured as a corporation, the human resources department gave renewed consideration to a shared services HR model to not only help improve cost, efficiency and service, but also generate organizational capacity to focus on big-picture issues that make a difference.

The former subsidiaries – currently known as business units – used to have a separate HR team which handled administration affairs of the fellow employees. However, it’s been nearly a year now that the integrated service has been operating; giving quality HR services to all of the employees under one umbrella

"Everybody working for Dana Energy knows how to send us their requests through the integrated online system to receive appropriate responses from the HR experts just in time" Deljouee, the HR case manager, said. "We seek to ensure that all targets for quality and service have been met." She added. The shared services can also help the company’s HR department to share the funding and resourcing of the HR services.

The HR department is trying to further develop the system, so that every personnel request comes through the system, including those sent by external service providers. It is also designing a service catalog that presents employees with pre-defined services such as benefits or employee relations items. Once requests are submitted through the HR service catalog, cases are automatically assigned to a designated human resources specialist or team for fulfillment.

Saeid Pourebrahimi,
HR Case Manager