Dana Energy takes new approach to geophysical services

Since 2016, when the new corporate governance model of Dana Energy was introduced, geophysical services business unit has been in charge of providing all kinds of subsurface studies including seismic, geological, petrophysical, integrated reservoir study (static & dynamic modeling) and preparing master development plan to the potential clients.

In this way Dana Energy has been in close cooperation with leading foreign companies such as Germany’s DMT for seismic data processing, the Netherlands’ dGB for seismic data interpretation and the Netherlands’ SGS in reservoir engineering and integrated reservoir study for preparing master development plan. Meanwhile, the company has recently agreed with CGG, a French-based geophysical services company, to cooperate in the Iranian projects. In the recent past, the foreign partners have had a supervision role in projects, making room for Dana Energy to play a central role.

Among the largest projects that Dana Energy has been awarded are the seismic data processing of Ahvaz oil field, the Pearl of Persian Gulf, which is the largest research project from geophysical point of view ever implemented by an Iranian company in the upstream segment of Iran’s oil and gas sector; and also preparing a master development plan for Foroozan oil field which Iran shares with Saudi Arabia.

The strategic business unit has taken a new approach, trying to hit three main targets. First of all, the unit seeks to diversify its basket of services so that it could provide new complicated services to the employers. Given the fact that the unit has already been involved in the majority of domestic seismic projects, the timing is right for it to develop its activities.

The second goal of the unit is move into other regional markets, including Pakistan, India, Iraq and Oman in the coming years.

The third goal the geophysical services unit has set for the upcoming years is to provide services to international oil companies in the framework of Iranian petroleum contracts.

Preparations including develop of software and hardware and empower human resources are expected to be complete by March next year, paving the ground for the unit to take practical steps to realize its goals.

Sadegh Shojaee,
Technical Director,
Geophysical Services