Friends jokingly call me energy therapist

As an executive assistant, I usually have loads of work to do every day. I manage the calendars of two top executives – Chairman and CEO Mohammad Iravani and E&P President Mostafa Khoee – on a daily basis. I’m also in charge of the coordination of affairs between the central office and our branch offices abroad. Despite the bustle, I find time to encourage my colleagues to build positive energy for themselves.

It happens occasionally that a visitor who is in a bad mood wants to meet the CEO. In such cases, I speak to the person trying to cool him down before I send him to the CEO’s room. This way I try to avoid the consequences of a negative interaction. I want to see my colleagues smiling and happy all the time.

Since I joined Dana Energy four years ago, I have tried to promote an approach that would lead to more cheerful faces in the workplace. This approach has fortunately been supported by the management team in the past years.

Some close friends jokingly call me an energy therapist since I love to see everybody energetic about their job. I believe that people should know that they are valued and their job is appreciated by their colleagues.

People work for identity and fulfillment and connecting to people, not only money.

The management team and I believe that every single staff member must know that they are important to the company, no matter what positions they hold.

We think that having positive communication with colleagues can keep them motivated and happy. So we encourage team-building exercises and greater interaction between staff members. The closer relationship between colleagues will certainly lead to higher productivity, as they can share their knowledge and ideas and more importantly they can resolve their differences.

Zahra Khazeni,
Senior Executive Assistant