IT infrastructure key to an energy company

As Dana Energy has a high financial turnover, the board has always been sensitive about the company’s overall performance, which is much reliant on IT infrastructure for daily operations. So the management has in the past years made a huge investment on the infrastructure to make online services up-to-date and always available.

The infrastructure section aims to keep connections reliable. It provides high quality online services to the executives even when they are on business trips or off duty. This could help key staff members make decisions on time.

Given the network problems that Iranian companies may occasionally face, the development of sustainable infrastructure has been key to the business as our experts constantly interact with national and international stakeholders. We also provide special services to those managers who are in direct contact with our foreign partners.

For remote places such as our offshore projects, we have developed satellite based solutions that enable engineers and experts to have a reliable communications service with the headquarter office in Tehran. Of note, any failure in our network services could cost the business millions of dollars in some cases. So it’s been of much importance for the company to keep the IT infrastructure as lean as possible.

In the headquarters office, however, our main concerns are about network security and the employees’ access to information. We have studied the technologies and methods used by global OICs, such as BP and Total, to come up with up-to-date solutions when it comes to network security and access management technology. We are certain that our IT infrastructure is now one the most secure ones in the country. We have our own server and have provided a range of solutions to ensure that our staff members have access to services under any circumstances.

Farhad Chitsazan,
Head of Infrastructure