Role of enterprise architecture gaining momentum

Like many other international companies, Dana Energy has established a business excellence department in order to determine how the company can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives.

One of the most popular methods that could help an organization to reach its goals is the “enterprise architecture,” which is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization. Applying the strategic management method, Dana Energy tries to facilitate the activities related to development and change management. The method will help us describe the relations of various units and hundreds of employees in an effective way, uncovering the connections between them.

It seems that the role of enterprise architecture – as a tool that help executives achieve business excellence – has gained momentum in the recent years thanks to the IT revolution and cheap access to IT technology.

Meanwhile, the growing size of global enterprises has made business excellence managers to come up with new methods that could make decision-making easier for top executives. So every big company needs an enterprise architecture perspective to manage thousands of employees located in multiple places and a growing number of procedures, as the main goal of this method is to guide the process of planning and to design the IT capabilities to meet desired organizational objectives.

A as a leading private company that has grown in size so rapidly in the past few years, Dana Energy is keen to develop the method, hoping that it will facilitate business excellence in a highly competitive market.

Seyed Mohsen Rahnamafard,
Business Excellence Manager