Dana Energy designs unique tool for first time in world

Dana Energy has been using a unique geophysical project management tool since 2013 that has been designed by Iranian engineers for the first time in the geophysical industry across the world, to not only monitor the variables but also control them more efficiently.

Dana Geophysical Project Management or DGPM is a tool that has been used so far in geophysical projects of Bahar, Golestan, Bibi Hakimieh and Nasrabad across the country, helping project managers to make decisions more accurately and quickly than before.

Given the time-stressed situations in the geophysical projects, the tool has played a key role to improve efficiency. Any similar software has not yet used elsewhere in the world.

We already use three other software tools in the industry, including the IFS, GIS and primavera. The latter includes project management, product management, collaboration and control capabilities and integrates with other enterprise software such as Oracle and SAP's ERP systems. DGPM has tried to create a link between the three tools already used by the company.

DGPM’s new version is yet to be completed. It is expected to be complete in six months. The reason for the slow development of the new version of the tool is that we’ve been developing the software in-house by our own IT experts. It really does matter to us that we can develop the tool within the organization, as we can customize as we need.

We are certain that the new version will further improve controlling in the geophysical projects, helping mangers to keep projects within budget and finish them on time.

Kayvan Younesi,
Head of Project Control