Dana Energy hopes to win more int’l tenders

Pakistanis seem to have been happy with the Hisal project results and with Dana Energy’s work, said Ahmad Ali Poursanati, a project manager at the company’s geophysical services who very much hopes that they would win more international tenders in the coming years.

“We are now waiting for a few other tenders to be awarded by the Pakistani employers,” he said, adding that their good job in Pakistan would pave the ground for them to have a stronger presence in regional markets, including in neighboring Pakistan.

Pakistan has so far awarded Dana Energy three seismic projects, including the SadiqAbad and Hisal projects. The latter was the first one the company managed to win in the last year, though it started the operation with a delay due to some paperwork problems from the Pakistani side.

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) was the employer of the $6.5 million Hisal project located in the Punjab province.

“PPL was satisfied with our operation in Punjab, maybe because we not only offer a high quality service but even provided them with extra GIS service in the end,” Poursanati said.

He also pointed out that it was a hard job for them to win the tender in the first place, since Chinese companies had already captured the Pakistani market.

Hisal 2D land seismic data acquisition involved 600 people, including 15 Iranian and 40 Pakistani oil experts. Dozens of workers, drivers and security guards were also involved in the five-month-long project in an area of 100 square kilometer, which included residential neighborhoods, agricultural lands, rivers and forests.

Prior to the Hisal project being finished in June, the contractor wrapped up $12.9 million SadiqAbad project. The third project the company has in hand is Ratana, a project that has just started.

Poursanati said that Pakistan is expected to announce the result of at least one tender within the next one month. If Dana Energy wins it, it will be its fourth project awarded by a foreign employer in less than two years.


AhmadAli Poursanati

Project Manager

Geophysical Services