Rigless acid stimulation conducted for first time in Iran (SIMOPS)

For the first time in Iran, Dana Energy managed to conduct a sophisticated operation in the South Pars gas field, using a rigless acid stimulation treatment for 22 gas wells in the field’s 15th and 16th phases.

The acidizing process, which is still underway, will finish by the next few months. So far, 19 gas wells have been acidized, and the operation has been very successful, though the sea was wavy and the weather very stormy and rainy for long days. Engineers had to work very cautiously and professionally, since bad weather could threaten their achievements.

Acidizing gas wells are usually conducted using drilling sack up rigs, which are deeply positioned alongside of platform at sea sites. Dana Energy and POGC, however, took risks of conducting the rigless method to save itself and the client – Pars Oil and Gas Company – as much as $30 million in operating costs. The operation also saved them much time. The acidizing operation without the company using a rig will increase production of wells by about 50% to 100% Of note, this kind of operation is conducted while production is already underway (SIMOPS); that is, a unique characteristic of the method.

Despite the company’s achievements, Dana Energy had in the first place a difficult time to persuade POGC officials, as officials were concerned about possible risks that a rigless acid stimulation treatment could impose, given the fact that the method was quite new in Iran. Among other challenges, the company had during the acidizing operation were the engineering, operating and production risks. All such risks were managed thanks to Dana Energy’s effort to perfectly redesign the oil platform in collaboration with a foreign partner before the operation began.

The agile operation seems to be welcomed more by the client, as the risks have already been identified, assessed and addressed in a proper way.

Hassan Ahmadi,
Project Manager
Well Construction